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The Burgundy Street Singers

The Burgundy Street Singers were one of America's most talented and versatile singing and dancing groups. They were seven in number—five guys and twin girls—with a gorgeous vocal sound and fresh good looks that boosted them quickly to major appearances on top television shows and sold-out performances throughout the country.

The “Burgundies” were originally formed on the Kansas State University campus and shot to national prominence when they won the National Intercollegiate Jazz Festival (comparable to “American Idol” today). Ed McMahon was a judge, and soon made sure they were signed to a five-year contract with Budweiser Beer for television and radio advertisements. Seasons with Carol Burnett, Red Skelton, specials with Ed McMahon, and appearances with Bob Hope, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Dinah Shore, Dionne Warwick, Anthony Newley, shows at the Plaza Hotel in New York, the Coconut Grove in L.A., the MGM Grand in Vegas and nearly every major state fair kept the group constantly busy, thanks to the diligence of manager-extraordinaire, James Fitzgerald.

Playing their own instruments while they performed show-stopping choreography (courtesy of Alex Plasschaert), sang intricate harmonies (thanks to Fred Werner, Larry Cansler, and Dick Dow), and performed hilarious skits, they infused their shows with excitement, variety, and musical excellence.

Some of their records include: “The Pleasure of Her Company,” “Lost Horizon,” “Whiskey Money,” and the ubiquitous Budweiser song “When You Say Bud...”